What I’ve Learned to Like~High-Low Skirts/Dresses.

You all have those times where a seemingly new trend comes out, and you just don’t understand why it’s such a rage. Why do people like this trend so much? You then convince yourself that it was simply a innovative fail and will end soon. But then, a couple months after the trend is not-so-popular, you actually get the nerve to try this trend for yourself, and find that you are actually in love with the trend. This is how my “relationship” if you will, with the high-low skirt started. If you are not at all familliar with how this skirt looks, I’ll get you all caught up.(:
Photo Credit: Elsie Larson a beautiful mess

This semi-viral trend, popular for its famous “Business on the back, party in the front” look, is very versatile, and easy to dress down or up. & the best part? These dresses are very simple to make yourself! Maybe I’ll make a tutorial later! (:


For a Thousand Years.

I pass this mural nearly every time I go to work, and for the longest time I’ve wanted to take pictures by it forever! This outfit was inspired by nautical themes. The dress is a navy & white striped, and I paired it with a simple red bandana, & belt my friend let me use. It displays different tourist places in the world.

Thanks for reading guys! xx

Outfit of the Day-Skirts and Stripes

I can’t believe that the summer is alomst halfway over for me!  I’m sad that soon I will not have such a flexible schedule, but am excited to see what this school year will bring. In the meantime, I have been loving the balmy weather we’ve been having, allowing me to wear clothes like this! (: I love the tie-shirt trend,(forever21) and I paired it with this dark-wash denim skirt from Target. As well as a fun top-knot hairdo and John Lennon inspired glasses also from forever21. Image


Matte Nail Colors



Summer time is the only time I even think about using nail polish.  I’m extremely picky with my nail colors for some reason. I always have been. I like light, subtle matte colors, otherwise I don’t wear it at all. I’m not really sure why, that’s just how I’ve always been.  Anyways, I don’t really like paying for nail polish anyways, so the only time I use it is when my friends have it available to me. xx

Summer Sunshine. (Outfit of the Day–June 2nd, 2012)

It feels like summer is finally in full swing! I’ve been on break for almost a week now and enjoying the wonderful aesthetics of it all. This past week I was able to attend my cousin’s wedding. Congrats to them, they seem very happy together, and I hope that God will bless you with many, many years of marriage!

I absolutely love the color of this dress! Its bright yellow was kind of daring on such a ablaze evening, as it was almost 80 degrees outside. I paired it with my brown earth-toned necklace, and a brown belt. Along with a pair of white sandals,(not pictured.) and a silver, white ring. What do you guys think of this outfit? (Disclaimer:my feet were tired, so I went barefoot at the reception, which was held outside. That’s why I seem to be a raw-footed savage.) 😛

On a completely different note, how do you like the theme of this blog? I want your guys’ opinions on it! Comment below or you can mention/follow me on twitter! (https://twitter.com/#!/haialeylinn or @haialeylinn)

(Temporary) Short Hair.

All of my girls with long hair will understand the certain urge you get to just cut off all your hair. While most people just go with their hearts desire and cut it, I’ve just never been brave enough to do so. For some unknown (internal) reason I’m just not willing to just chop my hair. So, I opted for a “faux cut.”
What do you guys think? My friend is like amazing at doing hair, & she simply pin-curled my hair, and this is the outcome I really dig the way it turned out. Thoughts? xx

More About Me:My Job/Internship

I’ve mentioned several times in various blog posts that I have a job.  Well, I call it an internship.  Sometimes though, it’s just easier to write/say job.  So therefore, I call it a job. Job/Internship whatever you like to call it, that’s what I have. So, let’s start a time line of sorts. Basically, I started my internship in October of 2011. How did I get this “gig” you ask? Well, it was quite simple, (for me) actually. I knew that I wanted to be involved in the fashion industry, but being as young as I am, finding a way in is, well, somewhat difficult. My dad, being the opportunist he is, found a way around my age. He did his research on many ubiquitous dress shops in my area, went in to ask if perhaps I could intern. We found one we really liked and talked to the owner of the shop. My boss, was very welcoming to this idea. She soon was talking about paying me, and perhaps someday passing the shop down to me, if I had ever gotten good enough where I could handle it. Of course, I have to work there for a while longer before I can put that into place. Anyways, I have worked weekly there for almost 9 months now. Now, you ask, what do I do there? Well, since I am an intern, I have the power of basically telling my boss what I’d like to learn. I am actually going to start learning pattern making soon. My boss is originally from Italy, and she came over here after college to pursue her business. Now, recently she made a prom dress, and was asked to go to New York. She is not sure if she will go, but being her intern, if she goes I will be able to go with her, and intern on the Runways! On this whole topic of dress making and runways, she also asked me what I’d like to learn, and of course I said pattern making. So, basically I need to draw some designs out and give them to her, so I can start as soon as possible!

So that’ my job! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about what I do!! xx Look later for more updates! And feel free to mention (or follow!!!) me on twitter if you have any questions. (Username:@haialeylinn)

My Attempt at the Beehive Updo + Outfit of the Day 6/3/2012

I felt a little creative this weekend. Not only did I spend two out of my three days off at Starbucks, but I also got to spend some time with friends I haven’t seen in a while.


On Sunday I was gone almost all day. I decided I wanted to do some type of fun new up-do. I’ve always wanted to try a beehive,and this is what I came up with. After I took these pictures I decided to try to redo it, as I think it just looks like a over-sized messy bun. I’ve come to the conclusion that every time you do this hairstyle, it gets better and better! What do you guys think of this look?

I’m out!xx

Perfect Imperfections 3.

Here I am again, continuing my blog series! I haven’t completely forgotten about it!;) Now, this one I feel like even the best of us have to deal with it, at some point of our lives. It happens many ways, and can be anywhere from your face to your back. Acne. Now, I know what your thinking.. “oh no. Your one of those My acne is so bad kind of people, who just make me fee bad about my acne,because his/her acne really isn’t that bad” Actually, no. I don’t think there is anything ugly about acne. Some of the prettiest girls I know struggle with acne.

Now, if you rewind a couple of years back, I don’t think I’d be singing the same song. You see, I did struggle with acne. Being the Self conscious 11 or 12-year-old girl I was, I worried myself sick about it. It was a complete waste of my time, and it wasn’t like I had it that bad at all. I mostly worried because both of my parents had clear, beautiful skin through their tween years, and I so greatly wished I inherited that gene. Of course I hadn’t been lucky enough, and spent many hours trying to figure out a face treatment that was right for me. I tried all kinds of products. You name it, I had definitely looked into buying it. I’d try multiple products at a time too. After all this experimenting its harsh products, I came out more disappointed with my skin than ever before. Not only was it there, but it also came with a radiant redish-pink color, as well as loads of pain. Now, with all this irritation of my the skin, most people would give their skin a break. But I didn’t stop here. I continued to apply harsh chemicals. Rubbing alcohol, harsh facial cleansers. Then, one morning as I woke up, I took off the treatment I had used and there it was on my forehead. A gigantic, dry, shiny,red blotch on my forehead. I thought it was just dry skin, so I applied lotion, which only made it worse. Through out the day, it started to spread down my face and chin. I applied a moistureizing lotion but it wasn’t helping at all. I had to go places with a horrible face rash. Obviously, I gave it up. Drained of self confidence I stopped washing my face. Stopped putting make-up on entirely. And guess what? It started getting a little better. After two months I started with a more gentle cleanser called Biore. Use it. It’s the best cleanser I ever used. My face cleared up a lot after 2 weeks of using it. And honestly it changed my life. Ehem. No. Actually it didn’t. Having clear skin is nice, obviously. But if you don’t have it, don’t worry about it. I’d say it’s better to have acne young then to get it when you’re older. So consider yourself lucky.

So, my fellow readers, I just want to offer you some good old clique acne tip, in case you are in need of any. The number one thing I’ve learned in my many years of experience, cough *sarcasm* is to just not bother with it. Wash your face and take care of it, but don’t try so hard. & I know that is the most annoying/irking tips ever, because when you want to get rid of it, you want to get rid of it right away. I get it. I’ve been there. Please just believe me. ❤

Goin’ to The Flea Market.

Hey Guys! It’s almost summer time, and I’m super jazzed about it! I know I haven’t written in forever, which is saddening that I have let the time roll by without writing. I’ve been hacked with tons of school work, drawing some designs for a dress I want to create this summer,(more on that later),work, & just living life the fullest! It’s such a blessing to be on this glorious earth, no matter how many troubles and suffering we go through everyday. I thank God every minute I’m here. Anyways, here’s an outfit of the day for you.


Now, I have to admit, this dress isn’t actually mine. My friend, (who is also a wordpress freak, like myself. Check out her stuff! http://onepondatatime.wordpress.com/) gave it to me to alter, and I decided to wear it one day, just for kicks. Normally I feel like I look terrible in Maxi-Dresses. I feel like they make me look way too tall, but I absolutely adore this one. I paired it with a Jean Vest where I got from my grandma, (it was my Aunts from the 80’s. How rad is that?!) and this head-wrap in which you’ve probably seen before, because I am completely fanatical with it.

Anyways, I plan to write a lot more this month. I should be mellowing out on the beach, discovering nature in its most vulnerability, and living in perfect harmony with the blazing weather, in no time. Hope you guys have an awesome week! xx